Our fleet of trucks consists of:
Volvos FH 12
Scanias R500
All equipped with GPS navigation system.
Transportes Fuster in constant growth!

Our fleet of trailers consists of:
Mirofret TRS-3 1F13 55 SN
Schmitz SKO 24/L FP 80/60

With dimensions: 13.6m length, 2.70m inner height and 2.45m width.
All of them are isothermal platforms (refrigerating) of last generation with freezing units Carrier, allowing an optimal temperature control, guaranteeing freshness of your goods and temperature control throughout the transport.
Transportes Fuster guaranteeing the delivery in optimal conditions!

Our fleet completes our reliable 3 axle Scania 113BL that has been serving to our company during almost two decades. Used exclusively for distribution of large surfaces in region of Alicante.
Transportes Fuster, always in good hands!
The facilities of Fuster Company do not need to be large – OUR TRUCKS ARE ALWAYS ON ROAD – How ever we dispose 650m2 of storage space where we can provisionally accommodate your palletized merchandise.
In short time we expect to open our new facilities!
Transportes Fuster, always available for our clients!